*NEW* AlarmNet Monitoring Packages Effective June 2019

*NEW* AlarmNet Monitoring Packages Effective June 2019

For over 30 years, AlarmNet has been helping to protect millions of homes and businesses. Now, AlarmNet offers better communication and service options that help you stay better protected.   The new monitoring packages now include:

  • DAILY SUPERVISION– How often AlarmNet monitors communication connectivity for communication failures.  Rather than the old standard 30 day supervision.
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION LOGIC (APL)– Ensures that an alarm signal will communicate if the panel is tampered with during the entry and communicates
    delay times.  Customers have kept asking why this is not a standard service and now it is on compatible alarm panels.

The new Smart Security and Smart Home packages now include:

  • WEATHER– Provides current, local weather, five-day forecasts, and tornado alerts.
  • SENSOR ACTIVITY NOTIFICATIONS– Allows you to Set up and monitor event notifications for sensor activity.

For a Complete list of features for the new Monitoring Plans click here:  NEW AlarmNet Monitoring Packages

For a more Detailed Description of these features click here: AlarmNet Feature Descriptions

These new plans will take effect in June 2019 from AlarmNet.

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