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GPS Tracking Systems Archives - Advanced Security LLC
GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Asset Tracking System to protect your loved once and property

Advanced Security, LLC offers a GPS Vehicle Tracking unit which allows for tracking loved ones (teens and elderly), gives you the ability to recover missing vehicles, and monitor driving speeds from your Smartphone and/or computer.  We also carry a GPS Asset Tracker which allows for the tracking of heavy machinery and equipment, freight containers, jobsite tool boxes and general valuables.

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Honeywell TCAT-EB Asset Tracker (Extended Battery)

Honeywell GPS Asset Tracker (Extended Battery)- **DISCONTINUED**

Honeywell TCVT2 Vehicle Tracker

Honeywell GPS Vehicle Tracker-**DISCONTINUED**

Honeywell TCAT Asset Tracker

Honeywell GPS Asset Tracker- **DISCONTINUED**


Uplink GPS Vehicle Tracking Device**DISCONTINUED** See GPSLTE

Uplink GPSAT Vehicle Tracker

Uplink GPS Hardwired Vehicle Tracking Device **DISCONTINUED** See GPSLTE

Uplink GPSAT GPS Asset Tracker

Uplink GPSAT Asset Tracking Device- Limited Stock Contact for Details Also See GPSLTE

Sierra Wireless/Uplink GPSLTE Vehicle Tracking Device-OBD or Hardwired

Sierra Wireless/Uplink GPS Vehicle Tracking Device on the LTE Network-Special Order Item