Honeywell AlarmNet Verizon CDMA Activations UPDATE

Honeywell AlarmNet Verizon CDMA Activations UPDATE

Verizon CDMA Cellular Activations UPDATE for AlarmNet Accounts

Attention: USA customers

AlarmNet will continue to support the provisioning of Verizon CDMA communicator devices with a manufacturing date of March 1, 2018 and forward. These communicators are sold with the SIMs pre-activated by Verizon and may be added to the AlarmNet network until December 21, 2018. Any existing CDMA communicators that are currently registered will continue to communicate and be supported by AlarmNet as Verizon has extended its CDMA network to Honeywell through December 31, 2022, under Honeywell’s current longevity agreement with Verizon.

Cancelling a CDMA Account
If you cancel an existing CDMA account and then attempt to activate the device, this is considered a new activation and will not be eligible to be added to the AlarmNet network.

LTE Radio Portfolio
Honeywell is expanding its communicator portfolio to include LTE radios, which provides a transition to new cellular technology, and offers maximum network longevity.

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