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Resideo Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS-1 ProSeries 7″ All-In-One Panel


ProSeries 7″ All-In-One Panel

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The Resideo Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS-1 ProSeries 7″ All-In-One Panel is a single, self-contained panel that brings together a bright, color-capacitive touchscreen, powerful wireless controller, communicator, microphone, speaker and an 85 dB sounder. Designed for professional installations and upgrades in homes and businesses, the highly scalable All-in-One Security Panel serves as a powerful central hub for commercial and residential security and automation.

ProSeries supports a wide selection of sensors and devices using SiX”” two-way. wireless technology with highly secure AES-128 encryption. SiX devices support over-the-air updates and are locked with the panel, helping to prevent system takeovers.

The panel also supports a variety of one-way wireless protocols including legacy 5800, using an optional takeover module. This enables easy and cost-effective system upgrades for your existing system.

The Pro-Series All-in-One Security Panel integrates with the next generation of Resideo Total Connect®, which delivers a faster, more fluid interaction on mobile devices.

For installation and service efficiency, radios and batteries are end-user replaceable, and the Alarm Net 360″” cloud-based business management tool enables easy remote programming, transmits over-the-air software and firmware updates*, performs remote diagnostics and monitors and provides analytics on system usage and activity.

The Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS-1 Panel comes with the Honeywell Home PROWIFIZW Module installed. This unit provides Z-Wave and WIFI capabilities and can be purchases separately for replacement if needed.   LTE Cellular communications is optional and can be added using the PROLTE-V or the PROLTE-A add on modules.   The optional PROTAKEOVER module allows support of the legacy 5800 series & 2GIG 345MHZ sensors, DSC 433 MHz sensors, Interlogix/GE 319.5 MHz Sensors or Bosch Sensors.  The PROTAKEOVER MODULE has a toggle switch and can only support 1 of the frequencies at a time but the panel will still support PROSIX and SIX sensors even without the PROTAKEOVER Module.

*Note: OTA firmware updates require Wi-Fi module card and internet/Wi-Fi’ connectivity

The All-in-One Security Panel delivers an outstanding user experience, with a brilliant 7′ color touchscreen display, the convenience of Bluetooth hands-free disarming, local voice control. View local video with Total Connect Cameras and Skybell Doorbells and integration with Amazon Alexa. A built-in camera takes a photo of who disarmed the system at the panel, and secondary wireless touchscreen keypads can transmit the photo to an end-user’s cell phone.


  • All-In-One- Self-contained unit combines 7″ graphic touchscreen, controller, communicator, microphone, speaker and sounder
  • ProSeries Platform- Part of a broad and highly versatile security and smart home/business platform with consistent programming, user interfaces and a common range of sensors and peripherals across all solutions. When you, learn one, you know them all.
  • SiX Sensors- Extensive range of secure, encrypted two-way wireless sensors and peripherals with over-the-air upgrade capability
  • Modular Design- User-replaceable, Z-Wave Plus/Wi-Fi’ and cellular radio communications
  • Optional Resideo Total Connect Remote Services- Providing on-the-go security and home control., video viewing, and real-time alerts, anytime. anywhere, on any PC or smart device
  • Anti-Takeover Capability- SiX sensors can be locked to the panel helping prevent competitive account takeovers and conversions
  • Dual Path Communications- End-user replaceable LTE communicators (Optional) and Wi-Fi provide primary and back-up central station communications
  • Smart Home- Z-Wave Plus compatibility allows control of- lighting, locks, thermostats and other devices; system operation can trigger programmed automated scenes that set devices to the end-user’s preference
  • Partitions- Program up to four independent partitions, or 2+/3+ Common Lobby ideal for commercial customers. small offices, retail shops and multi-dwelling homes
  • Includes the optional- Wi·Fi/Z-Wave Plus Communication/ Automation module standard
  • Programming Options– ProSeries All-in-One panels can be programmed in the following ways: Via Alarm Net 360 web portal, Alarm Net 360 Mobile Application, or local on-screen programming.
  • Amazon Alexa Built-In- Supports convenient voice interactivity with Alexa functions and commands
  • Bluetooth’ Disarming- Hands-free auto-disarming with a linked mobile phone in proximity
  • Video Verification Support
  • Built-In Camera- Takes photos of user when system is disarmed. at the panel or secondary wireless touchscreen keypads viewable through Total Connect mobile app or event log
  • View Live Video- View live video from Total Connect indoor and outdoor Cameras as well as Skybell Doorbell cameras on the PROA7PLUS All-In-One panel and corresponding Wireless Touchscreen Keypads


With ProSeries, Amazon Alexa isn’t simply enabled – it’s built in! Customers get Alexa functionality, so whether they want to check the weather forecast or raise their thermostat, they can do so with simple voice commands.



  • 250 Security Zones (includes SiX and One-Way Devices)
  • 127 Max. SiX Two-Way Wireless Devices 78 2-Wave Plus Devices:
  • 60 Lights, Water Valves. Shades 6 Thermostats
  • 6 Locks
  • 6 Garage Door Controls
  • 8 Wireless Keypads (Touchscreen or LCD) 32 Remote Key Fobs
  • 96 Users
  • 4000 Event Log


  • 7′ (177.8mm) [diagonal]
  • LED-backlit capacitive touch display 1021-l x 600 pixel resolution, support for millions of colors


  • Home Screen: Security Status, Arming Option, Panics, Weather, Time
  • Idle Screen: Weather, Date, Time, Status, Indoor Temp (if thermostat present)
  • Quick Pull-down: Voice On/Off, Chime On/ Off, Alexa Mute, Brightness, Volume, Clean Screen, Battery Status. Connectivity
  • Menu Options: Favorites, Devices, Sensors, Smart Scenes, Settings
  • Trouble Indications: Low Battery, AC
  • Loss, RF Jamming, Sensor/Device Out of Range, Communicator Failures. Failure to Communicate, Tamper Conditions, Detector End–of-Life


  • Height: 5.77′ (146.6 mm)
  • Width: 7.90″ (200 6 mm)
  • Depth: 1.06″ (26.9 mm)
  • Weight: 2.10 lbs (0.95 kg)


  • 4 partitions
  • 2 partitions and l Common lobby 3 partitions and l Common lobby
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