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Resideo Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS-1 ProSeries 7″ All-In-One Panel


ProSeries 7″ All-In-One Panel

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The Resideo Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS-1 ProSeries 7″ All-In-One Panel is a single, self-contained panel that brings together a bright, color-capacitive touchscreen, powerful wireless controller, communicator, microphone, speaker and an 85 dB sounder. Designed for professional installations and upgrades in homes and businesses, the highly scalable All-in-One Security Panel serves as a powerful central hub for commercial and residential security and automation.

ProSeries supports a wide selection of sensors and devices using SiX”” two-way. wireless technology with highly secure AES-128 encryption. SiX devices support over-the-air updates and are locked with the panel, helping to prevent system takeovers.

The panel also supports a variety of one-way wireless protocols including legacy 5800, using an optional takeover module. This enables easy and cost-effective system upgrades for your existing system.

The Pro-Series All-in-One Security Panel integrates with the next generation of Resideo Total Connect®, which delivers a faster, more fluid interaction on mobile devices.

For installation and service efficiency, radios and batteries are end-user replaceable, and the Alarm Net 360″” cloud-based business management tool enables easy remote programming, transmits over-the-air software and firmware updates*, performs remote diagnostics and monitors and provides analytics on system usage and activity.

The Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS-1 Panel comes with the Honeywell Home PROWIFIZW Module installed. This unit provides Z-Wave and WIFI capabilities and can be purchases separately for replacement if needed.   LTE Cellular communications is optional and can be added using the PROLTE-V or the PROLTE-A add on modules.   The optional PROTAKEOVER module allows support of the legacy 5800 series & 2GIG 345MHZ sensors, DSC 433 MHz sensors, Interlogix/GE 319.5 MHz Sensors or Bosch Sensors.  The PROTAKEOVER MODULE has a toggle switch and can only support 1 of the frequencies at a time but the panel will still support PROSIX and SIX sensors even without the PROTAKEOVER Module.

*Note: OTA firmware updates require Wi-Fi module card and internet/Wi-Fi’ connectivity

The All-in-One Security Panel delivers an outstanding user experience, with a brilliant 7′ color touchscreen display, the convenience of Bluetooth hands-free disarming, local voice control. View local video with Total Connect Cameras and Skybell Doorbells and integration with Amazon Alexa. A built-in camera takes a photo of who disarmed the system at the panel, and secondary wireless touchscreen keypads can transmit the photo to an end-user’s cell phone.


•             All-In-One- Self-contained unit combines 7″ graphic touchscreen, controller, communicator, microphone, speaker and sounder

•             ProSeries Platform- Part of a broad and highly versatile security and smart home/business platform with consistent programming, user interfaces and a common range of sensors and peripherals across all solutions. When you, learn one, you know them all.

•             SiX Sensors- Extensive range of secure, encrypted two-way wireless sensors and peripherals with over-the-air upgrade capability

•             Modular Design- User-replaceable, Z-Wave Plus/Wi-Fi’ and cellular radio communications

•             Optional Resideo Total Connect Remote Services- Providing on-the-go security and home control., video viewing, and real-time alerts, anytime. anywhere, on any PC or smart device

•             Anti-Takeover Capability- SiX sensors can be locked to the panel helping prevent competitive account takeovers and conversions

•             Dual Path Communications- End-user replaceable LTE communicators (Optional) and Wi-Fi provide primary and back-up central station communications

•             Smart Home- Z-Wave Plus compatibility allows control of- lighting, locks, thermostats and other devices; system operation can trigger programmed automated scenes that set devices to the end-user’s preference

•             Partitions- Program up to four independent partitions, or 2+/3+ Common Lobby

–              ideal for commercial customers. small offices, retail shops and multi-dwelling homes

•             Includes the optional- Wi·Fi/Z-Wave Plus Communication/ Automation module standard

•             Programming Options– ProSeries All-in-One panels can be programmed in the following ways: Via Alarm Net 360 web portal, Alarm Net 360 Mobile Application, or local on-screen programming.

•             Amazon Alexa Built-In- Supports convenient voice interactivity with Alexa functions and commands

•             Bluetooth’ Disarming- Hands-free auto-disarming with a linked mobile phone in proximity

•             Video Verification Support

•             Built-In Camera- Takes photos of user when system is disarmed. at the panel or secondary wireless touchscreen keypads viewable through Total Connect mobile app or event log

•             View Live Video- View live video from Total Connect indoor and outdoor Cameras as well as Skybell Doorbell cameras on the PROA7PLUS All-In-One panel and corresponding Wireless Touchscreen Keypads


With ProSeries, Amazon Alexa isn’t simply enabled – it’s built in! Customers get Alexa functionality, so whether they want to check the weather forecast or raise their thermostat, they can do so with simple voice commands.



250 Security Zones (includes SiX and One-Way Devices)

127 Max. SiX Two-Way Wireless Devices 78 2-Wave Plus Devices:

-60 Lights, Water Valves. Shades 6 Thermostats

-6 Locks

-6 Garage Door Controls

8 Wireless Keypads (Touchscreen or LCD) 32 Remote Key Fobs

96 Users

4000 Event Log


7′ (177.8mm) [diagonal]

LED-backlit capacitive touch display 1021-l x 600 pixel resolution, support for millions of colors


Home Screen: Security Status, Arming Option, Panics, Weather, Time

Idle Screen: Weather, Date, Time, Status, Indoor Temp (if thermostat present)

Quick Pull-down: Voice On/Off, Chime On/ Off, Alexa Mute, Brightness, Volume, Clean Screen, Battery Status. Connectivity

Menu Options: Favorites, Devices, Sensors, Smart Scenes, Settings

Trouble Indications: Low Battery, AC

Loss, RF Jamming, Sensor/Device Out of Range, Communicator Failures. Failure to Communicate, Tamper Conditions, Detector End–of-Life


Height: 5.77′ (146.6 mm)

Width: 7.90″ (200 6 mm)

Depth: 1.06″ (26.9 mm)

Weight: 2.10 lbs (0.95 kg)


4 partitions

2 partitions and l Common lobby 3 partitions and l Common lobby

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