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DSC PowerG PG9350SL Wireless Photoelectric Beam Detector- 350Ft


Wireless Photoelectric Quad Beam Detector- 350Ft *New Product  Contact Us for price 

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The DSC PowerG PG9350SL is great to protect your outdoor perimeter with the new Wireless Photobeams. Covers 350 ft  Active Infrared Technology. It is easy to install and compatible with PowerG enabled panels.

  • Aesthetically pleasing slim and compact design
  • Ideal for commercial applications and large residences
  • Market-leading perimeter detection using Active Infrared Technology (Photoelectric beams) and PowerG range
  • Transmitter is designed to send an infrared beam over long distances
  • Coverage area of 350ft. 
  • Easy to install with view finder, alignment dials and LED indicators
  • Reliable performance with quad beams
  • Cover and wall tamper protection
  • Extended battery life with PowerG
  • Polycarbonate cover protects the cover of the beams from UV rays and other harsh environmental conditions
  • IP55/IP65 dust-tight and waterproof rating ensures dependable operation even in extreme conditions
  • Compatible with PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and Qolsys IQ panels

**Includes 1 Set of Photelectric Beams

DSC PowerG PG9350SL Wireless Photoelectric Beam Detector User Manual

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