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Honeywell LCP500-4B Lyric 4-Hr Battery


Honeywell Lyric Controller 4-Hour Battery Back-up

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This Honeywell Lyric LCP500-4B is the standard 4-hour battery back up that comes with the unit. You can purchase the LCP500-24B battery for 24-Hour Back up.

Main Features
  • Easy to store and doesn’t damage under normal conditions
  • Proprietary Battery Size battery size for maximum productivity with added dependability
  • With 4 Hour maximum battery runtime you can work uninterrupted anywhere without requiring a power outlet
  • 7.2 V DC battery – Ensures a steady and uninterrupted supply to your security device
  • 1100 mAh battery capacity for convenient and prolonged usage to ensure maximum productivity
  • With 1100 mAh capacity, the battery delivers a long lasting charge to your security device
  • Solution for a battery that is about to expire, so you can replace it whenever needed
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