Mobile Help Medical Alert FAQ’S

How does MobileHelp Medical Alert work?


Is Medical Alert service available in my area?

Yes, We offer nationwide service in all 50 States.

How do I sign up for medical alert services?

You can order online or simply call us toll free at 1-877-364-0918 and our customer service dept will get you started.

How much does the equipment cost?

We do not charge for the equipment.  We lease you the system as part of our low rate.

What do I do with the system when services are no longer needed?

If for any reason the service is no longer needed, simply return all system equipment. A prorated refund will be issued for unused service that may have been prepaid. To cancel service, simply return all equipment and accessories to us by mailing the system to us at your expense. Service will be cancelled effective the day the system is received at Mobile Helps location. For our mailing address call Mobile Help at 1-800-992-0616

What if I do not have a landline telephone?

This medical alert system has its own built in cellular module so there is no need for a traditional land line telephone.

Is there a monthly service contract?

No, some other companies will force you into a 1-3 year contract, WE DO NOT.  There are no cancellation fees of any kind as long as the equipment is returned to us upon cancellation.  Our Monthly price plan requires a 2-month minimum purchase commitment.

Do I have to pay for repairs or service?

No, because Mobile Help owns the system and lease it to you, any repairs or service is covered under our Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement  as long as you use the equipment.

Will I see any hidden fees, Activation Fees, Service Fees, or anything on my bill?

No, However some of our monthly plans have a $15.00 shipping charge.

Can more than one person use the same service at the same location?

Yes, Just request an additional alert button.

Can I wear my medical alert button in the shower?

Yes, and we encourage you to because most falls are in the shower areas.

Will this work around my whole house?

Yes, in most cases, this is state of the art medical alert equipment and covers a larger range.  I would test it throughout the house to be sure.

Can I use this while I’m in the yard?

Yes, as long as the signal reaches the main unit.  I would recommend you test it first.

What happens if my power goes out at home?

The system has a battery backup so even if you lose power you will still be protected.

Who will install my medical alarm system?

Set up is extremely easy so there is no need for an installer to come to your home. Simply plug in the power cord, and press your button to test the unit.  The system is shipped already active and programmed.

What is I am unable to communicate to the operator? Will help still arrive?

Yes, if the button is pressed for any reason and our operator is unable to communicate with you, we will automatically send help.

Can I use this system away from my home?

The advantage of Mobile Help is that it goes anywhere you do with the mobile GPS Medical unit. And wherever you go, we can find you if you need help. How do we do this? Mobile Help has made this possible through our GPS Medical Alarm location technology and the following products and features:

  • Mobile GPS Medical Alarm Device with wireless cellular technology
  • Cellular voice and data network offers nationwide coverage
  • GPS satellite tracking technology
  • Online GPS Medical Alarm location mapping in the event of an emergency
  • Closest available emergency responders dispatched to your location
  • Direct voice contact with highly trained emergency response operators

Take a look at our technology:

 image002  image003
 Click here to check coverage in your area. Satellites constantly transmit location to your Mobile Device.
 image004  image005
Mobile Device sends your location to our call center through Edge cellular data network. Our call center receives the message and sees your location map on their computer.
Our operator sends the closest paramedics to your location.

What is GPS?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based location system. This proven and trusted technology constantly updates your location information by sending it to your mobile device. When you press the help button, your latest location will be sent to our emergency response center. This information is sent immediately and includes the following:

  1. Your pinpoint location – We know where you are
  2. Your unique ID – We know who you are.

This technology has been used by the military and space programs for decades. Now Mobile Help has developed a product to work in tune with this important and useful technology to offer a better help button.

How does the Fall Alert Detection work?

In the event you fall the fall alert detection detects the movement of a fall and contacts the central station automatically and can send help if needed.

Note: Fall Button™ does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance.

Can I track my loved ones location and get notifications?

MobileHelp Connect is a set of online tools that allow users and their loved ones to stay connected. With real time location data via Google maps, and optional email and/or notifications about button presses (whether it is a system test or real emergency) everyone stays in the loop and you can go confidently about your day.

MobileHelp Connect is FREE with any MobileHelp plan.

The smartphone app is available to download for FREE on iOS and Android phones.image007


MobileHelp Connect® Features

  • System Status Alerts
  • Non-Emergency Alerts
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Ability to detect location of Mobile Device – 30 location requests per month included with your MobileHelp plan*

*Additional location request packages can be purchased at $5 per 30 additional requests.

Do you offer medication reminders?

Yes, MobileHelp Connect Plus features are available for an extra charge and include additional location requests, Activity Tracking and Medication Reminders.

Medication Reminders is easy to use

Taking medications on schedule can be an important part of daily life and can help prevent missed doses or overdoses of medication (which represent a major reason falls occur) and you can go confidently about your day.

Medication Reminders Featuresimage008

  • Schedule medication reminders
    online using our MobileHelp Connect portal
  • Receive the friendly reminders
    through your cellular base station
  • Make sure you take your
    on time every day!

Be sure to add Medication Reminders for ONLY $5 per month with your MobileHelp plan.

Can I track the user’s activity level?

Yes,  MobileHelp’s Activity Tracking allows customers to monitor their activity level on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This premium feature utilizes the MobileHelp Fall Button™ to track activity levels and display them in an easy-to-understand format on the MobileHelp Connect® web portal. Activity Tracking can be accessed online by anyone the customer authorizes to participate in their health management such as family, friends or health professionals. This simple, easy-to-use feature can be a valuable informational asset to encourage customers to remain active.

Activity Tracking Features

  • Easy to read charts showing daily activityimage009
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly views can reveal trends in health
  • Instant message notification to authorized participants alerts them to abnormal periods of inactivity
  • Email updates keep families and other concerned parties in the loop.


Be sure to add Activity Tracking for ONLY $5 per month with your MobileHelp Fall Button plan.


Have a question you do not see listed here?  Contact Us with your question and we will answer it and maybe even add it to our FAQ’s to help others.

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