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Alarm Monitoring FAQ’S

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, Advanced Security does not have any contracts

Will my alarm monitoring rates go up?

No, As long as you’re a customer of ours your rates will never go up!

Is there any hidden fees like others charge?

No, Your rates with us are a flat rate.  Indiana residents are charges Indiana sales tax and the only other fee you might see is additional data message fees if you’re using GSM Cellular.   You’re allowed 5 data messages per month and if your system sends to many signals during a month or if you have too many false alarms you might use up the 5 that are included with the plan.  Each additional data message is $.10 after the first 5.

Do I have to pay an activation fee for alarm monitoring service?

No, We do not charge any activation fees.

Is your alarm central station UL listed?

Yes it is, and you should only trust a UL listed alarm monitoring central station because they all have to follow the same rules, regulations and standards to be a UL listed central station.

What is Total Connect Service?

Honeywell Total Connect Service is a service that allows remote controlling and notifications of your alarm system.  It allows you to Arm/Disarm your system from a smartphone or web enabled computer as well as give you text and email alerts of any burglar alarms, troubles, low battery, tamper alarms and who arms and disarms your system.

Why should I choose Advanced Security for my alarm monitoring services?

We offer great rates, and great personalized services.  With us, you’re not just an account number.  We value every one of our customers!

Do I need a traditional land line telephone for Alarm Monitoring Services?

No, we offer most systems with WIFI or GSM Cellular modules so a home phone line is not needed.

What is the difference between using a WIFI Module and GSM Cellular Module?

A WIFI module using your local internet connection for communications to our central station.  This option is the most popular because the equipment cost is lower and the monthly service is less, however it’s not as secure as a GSM Cellular Module.   If someone cuts your cable or telephone lines that supply your internet connection or cuts your power line then your alarm system has no way to communication the alarm to our central station.   GSM Cellular is powered by the alarm panel and uses the alarm panels back up battery so in the event of a power outage or someone cutting your connections the system will still communicate to our central station.  Now days more and more customers our using a DUAL path Communications for a more secure connection for the alarm monitoring services.

What is a dual path communications method?

Dual path communications means your security system is using wifi/Ip and using a GSM Cellular module as a backup method of communications in the event the wifi/ip is not available.


Have a question you do not see listed here?  Contact Us with your question and we will answer it and maybe even add it to our FAQ’s to help others.