2GIG-IMAGE3 Image Sensor

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Product Description :

2GIG Wireless Image Sensor/ Motion Detector for GC3 panels Powered by Alarm.com


Product Description

The Alarm.com Image Sensor has received a facelift!

Based on Partner feedback, our newest Image Sensor 2GIG-IMAGE3 Image Sensor delivers higher resolution images with faster uploads, improved night vision and a wider field of view.  The new 2GIG-IMAGE3 is compatible with the 2GIG GC3 panel.

The New Image Sensor Features

  • Higher resolution color VGA images
  • Greater night vision quality
  • Improved battery life (3+ years)
  • Tri-colored LEDs for easier installation
  • Snaps 4 images per event (2x more)
  • A refreshed design

The Image Sensor delivers smarter security with verification of alarms and increased engagement through on-demand views.
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