Leviton DD0SR-DLZ Digital/Decora Matching Switch Remote

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Product Description :

Leviton Decora Digital/Decora Smart  Dual Voltage 120/277 VAC Matching Switch Remote


Product Description

The Leviton DD0SR-DLZ Digital/Decora Matching Switch Remote for Decora Digital Switches. For 3-way or up to 5 additional location applications. 120/277 VAC. With LED Locator. White face assembled on device, Ivory and Light Almond faces included.

The next generation of lighting control technology is here with the new decor a digital dimmer and digital switch with Bluetooth technology. These innovative Devices work using the decor a digital dimmer & TIMER app that can be easily downloaded to smartphones or tablets and paired to the Leviton dimmer or switch using Bluetooth technology. Decor a digital controls with Bluetooth technology provide local control within a 30 foot range without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection, bridging the gap between traditional dimmers and whole-house automation systems. Decor a digital dimmer – a powerful device combining the best of Leviton dimmer and TIMER functions with today’s technology. Just use your smartphone or tablet to control, adjust and time lighting for daily activities or to ensure a “lived-in” look while away. Decor a digital switch – users enjoy the combined functions of a standard wall switch and a countdown or Programmable TIMER switch in one attractive device. Using the app to set TIMER functions makes it quick and easy to control lights. Decor a digital dimmer & TIMER app – compatible with apple and Android smartphones or tablets; offers simple, intuitive on-screen menu options to independently control dimmers and switches within a 30 foot range. Decor a digital Devices are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, outdoors or anywhere full control of lighting is desired.

Features and Benefits

  • Use in 3-way or up to 5 location applications with Decora Digital or Decora Smart devices
  • Dual Voltage 120VAC or 277VAC
  • LED locator light matches main switch
  • Neutral wire is required for installation
  • White face assembled on device, Ivory and light almond face plates included

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